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The LIFE Network is dedicated to the fulfillment of the Lord’s great commission to make disciples in all nations. The Bible not only gives us this mandate, but also gives us many models to observe, and a specific method to follow in doing it. Everything we do at The LIFE Network has to pass through this great commission filter.

It is our desire to take a lot of people along with us upon this world-impacting journey. We believe it is this purpose of heart for which we all have been called unto Christ, and that which is missing in many of the lives and churches in the world today. 

Perhaps you have been searching for some meaning and purpose in your own life. We invite you to join with us to learn the commission, what it is and how to live within it. From our own experience, we can tell you that it will be the most significant thing you will ever do. We invite you to support us with your partnership in learning, loving, and living the great commission. And along the way, as God leads and provides, help us finance the work that God is entrusting to all of us together.

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