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The LIFE Network helps to plant, establish, and support the growth of churches locally and globally.

We provide spiritual training and physical resources for pastors and churches. 



Our pastors in India are a part of a group called Love One Another Ministries. They are committed to training pastors and planting churches in India. They conduct pastor training conferences using The LIFE Network materials.

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We provide spiritual support to churches around the world through the creation of Christian learning resources. Our desire is to build supportive relationships with pastors and leaders as they pursue their vision. 



Through partnership, The LIFE Network is able to send food and other necessities to our LIFE Church leaders and families during crises like COVID-19. Donations equip our team to respond to the physical needs of which we become aware.  



The LIFE Church in Calinan, Philippines was our very first LIFE Church. They are great workers and are reaching many people. Their vision is to one day have property of their own, build a church facility, and build and operate a Christian School. Each week they set up and tear down a rental space for worship services. Your donations will help pay for their rental space and help them reach their goals.



The LIFE Church in Dengajudi, India is a young church reaching many people who have never heard the gospel. It is the first LIFE Church planted in India as a result of pastor training through The LIFE Network material and resources. Your donations to this project will go to support the church pastor as this church gets on its feet.


Regino Panes,
Pastor of The LIFE Church
Calinan, Philippines

One of the dreams of The LIFE Network is to plant The LIFE Church around the globe. It’s God’s intervention that Pastor Allen and I see each other in the middle of that dream. In that moment, in God’s time, purpose and blessings, partnership with Pastor Allen was established and The LIFE Church in Calinan was conceived.


To make the story short, October of 2018, The LIFE Church in Calinan started its regular Sunday worship and through the help of Pastor Allen on how to organize a LIFE Church, formally the church was organized December of the same year. Since then, The LIFE Network continues its support in prayer, teaching/training materials, and some finances. Our partnership became even more strong in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as we provided food for many people in need. Thank you for our partnership and I believe this will continue until Christ’s return.


Now, on behalf of The LIFE Church in Calinan, Philippines, I, Pastor Regino T. Panes, expressing our gratitude to The LIFE Network and to Pastor Allen. Thank you very much! In our own language “Daghan Kaayong Salamat!”

“For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints, but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God.” 

2 Corinthians 9: 12 (ESV)


Santosh Bardhan,
Head of Love One Another Ministries

We had been praying for a set curriculum for pastor training material to train many untrained pastors in India. At the right time, God helped us to be connected with Pastor Allen and The LIFE Network. As we went through The LIFE Plan, we felt it was exactly what our pastors needed to make disciples and plant churches. Now 30 pastors are equipped through The LIFE Network materials in Odisha, India. As a result, these pastors are reaching villages with the goal of planting churches in these villages. As of now, one of the pastors has planted a LIFE Church in a village called Dengajudi.

We are grateful to God and The LIFE Network for not only the pastor training and materials, but also allowing us to translate The LIFE Plan into Odiya to handover to the pastors in Odisha, India.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The LIFE Network sent funds to Love One Another Ministries to distribute groceries to the needy and the pastors in India. The generosity, kindness and help of Pastor Allen to us has made such a huge impact for the gospel’s expansion to the unreached people in India, and blessed us beyond expression as our pastors are equipped to make Christ better known to our people.


Thank you to The LIFE Network for partnering with LOAM India to reach the unreached and train the untrained.


From LIFE Church leaders and ministry partners

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